A Dream, A Goal, Now Reality…

Remember being asked the question in kindergarten, “What are you going to be when you grow up?” Your typical answers from a kindergartener were “a race car driver, NFL star, astronaut, rockstar singer, etc.”

I’m sure it’s safe to say that it wasn’t too often to hear a kindergartener say that he wants to be a “farmer when I grow up.” The sad part is… in the world we are living in, becoming a farmer is just as hard to be achieved as it is to become a “race car driver, NFL star, astronaut, or rockstar singer.” Although the American Dream seems to be fading away, it’s still able to be reached. With an abundance of time, hard work, goal, and an ass load of money, you can still do and become who you want to be.

East River Beef Farms, LLC has been a dream of a kindergartener, been made a goal of a teenager, and now becoming a reality, and proof to show as more and more land parcels are being ran and cared for by East River Beef, Co-ops and stock yards that are counting on cattle from ERB, other farm operations now relying on products and services such as hay & cattle, or baling, and combining.

“It all doesn’t happen overnight, but it’s a true joy to watch East River Beef take flight” – Devin Zahringer

Serving the Community, Serving YOU!

East River Beef Farms, LLC of Chilton, Wisconsin offers a wide range of custom cropping, cattle, and Ag services, as well as hay and cattle available for purchase. Stay tuned for future updates on hay and cattle availability. Find, and like us on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.